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So, who am I?

I’m just an ordinary guy from the Netherlands, I grew up with dyslexia in a small Dutch town and today I enjoy life with my fiancée, dog and cat in the heart of Utrecht.

Five years ago, my best friend Raoul and I started a software company, providing digital learning solutions. Before that, I dipped my toes in many other projects, but sadly most of them failed…

I say sadly, but that isn’t completely true. Because looking back, all the efforts, all the stressful hours, all the money I invested (and lost), all these experiences helped me become the person who I am today.

And you’re probably wondering, am I where I always wanted to be? Did I fulfill all my dreams? No, definitely not!

But 2020 taught me a lesson that completely changed my life. This lesson changed my life in such an amazing way that I need to share it with as many people as possible. I need to share it with you, because this lesson is also going to change your life in the most positive way.

So, what is this lesson?


I’m not talking about some vague promise or theoretical idea. No, the lesson I learned is a clear path towards a happier and successful life. A path supported and validated by the most successful people, celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and top athletes like Michael Jordan.

Now believe me, I’ve always been dubious about self-help books, positivity workshops and you name it. Until a close friend of mine recommended a very famous self-help book. I read it and somehow it resonated, I was hooked. I read another self-help book, and another one, and another one. Some books I’ve even read five times!

And I discovered something. I found that a lot of these books are actually saying the exact same thing. They might package the message differently, but in the end, the message is always the same: You can teach yourself to be happier, positive and successful.

So I decided to give it try and guess what? It works and it changed my life! I’ve seen the results with my own eyes, and also my fiancée and best friend experienced it. And today I want to share it with you.

And the best thing? You don’t need to read through hundreds of self-help books to understand how this works, because I already did that for you. Together with my friend Raoul, we’ve built a platform where we summarize the best of these books in short courses and videos. GLADIFY is a place where you can learn, ask, share and support each other in your transformation to become the best version of yourself.

Can’t wait to see you there!


“I experienced myself that you can teach yourself to be a happier, more positive and more successful person. Stop thinking that you need luck in life, start creating your own luck!”

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