The key to success and satisfaction with Mindfulness

“Mindfulness provides peace, insights, power, self-confidence, energy and clarity. It’s great for your health and conscious.”

This might sound abstract, especially if you’ve never heard of mindfulness before. Mindfulness is a direction in Psychology that has already won over the hearts of millions of people. Famous people like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Jeff Weiner and Michael Jordan all practice mindfulness daily.

Extensive research in the effects of mindfulness show amazing results and it’s no coincidence that since 2016, mindfulness is an integral part of any self development program.

Why Mindfulness?

Did you know you have about 60.000 thoughts a day? And most thoughts aren’t even relevant, they’re about the past or the future, seldom about the present. Thoughts like “I should check on my mom tomorrow”, “I have to deliver this report end of the week” and “After dinner I’ll do the laundry”. Our head is full of unnecessary thoughts.  

Mindfulness allows you to observe your thoughts and feelings, instead of getting stuck in them. It helps you to live in the now. Because only in the present you can change things and work on your personal success.

Practicing to focus on the present is important since the present is the only thing that is. Focusing on the past or future often brings stress. You might want to change the past, you might regret past events or you’re hoping to achieve something in the future. But you can’t control either of them. The only time you can control is NOW!

Self Improvement Quote: Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift.

Mindfulness with the Gladify self improvement App

In the Gladify method we use 5 life changers, mindfulness is one of them. You learn the basics how you can practice mindfulness for yourself and witch tools you can use to make it more comfort and effective.

The Gladify Mindfulness steps

  1. Let’s start with baby steps
  2. Take note when your attention wanders off
  3. Accept discomfort, it’s normal
  4. The mind will seem to have a mind of its own
  5. Develop concentration
  6. Practice mindful walking, it’s handy
  7. Structure your mindfulness practice to fit your lifestyle

Free mindfulness apps we use

To start with self improvement and mindfulness it’s always handy to look for some free tools that will help you get true the first steps. For each lifechanger we discuss in the Gladify courses we always give you tips about free apps ore tools that can help you started. For mindfulness we have two favorites.

  1. Insight Timer
  2. Smiling mind

9 reasons why mindfulness can not leak in any self improvement program

  1. It’s free, you can do it anytime anywhere you want
  2. It helps you accept things that we cannot change
  3. Forget the spiritual beliefs, mindfulness is for everyone
  4. It’s supported by research as being helpful and stress releaving
  5. It can be done without any extraordinary effort
  6. It helps us get over our selves in bad times
  7. It gives you a greater flexibility in living and more open view
  8. It just feel nice and calm
  9. It will give you more confidence and energy

Gladify favorite Mindfulness video from TEDx

So are you ready to embrace some mindfulness in your life? With Gladify you get the perfect start. But don’t forget we have 4 more life changers that will make your life more successful. Give it a try, you can only win because with self improvement you can’t lose.