Affirmation is the third life changer within the Gladify self improvement app. Affirmations helps you creating a positive mindset to achieve your personal goals “self improvement journey”. The word affirmation comes from the Latin word ‘affirmare’, meaning ‘to strengthen’ or ‘to empower’. When you repeat positive affirmations often enough, you train the brain to reinforce positive thoughts. Like Visualization, it’s a mental exercise to positively reprogram your brain.

So what is an affirmation? It’s really just a thought. The more often we have certain thoughts, the more we start to believe in them. Did you know that basically everyone uses affirmation from an early age? Unfortunately seven out of ten times they aren’t positive affirmations. We tell ourselves that we can’t do it, that we aren’t worth it or that we aren’t doing it right. This is because people are naturally driven by fear and emotion, as you could see in Will Smith’s video.

Self Improvement by reprogram your mind

As discussed previously, you’ve been programmed to view and experience the world in a certain way. As your beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts in turn create your reality.

But what does this reality look like? Have you maybe unconsciously filled your thoughts with negative affirmations? You often hear what you should and shouldn’t do, how you should or shouldn’t  behave, what is desirable and what isn’t in the eyes of society. You watch TV, read articles, browse the internet daily. Without you being aware, your brain is filled with convictions and opinions that might not be yours. They might not fit you or your life.

These are Collective Affirmations, meaning they’re enforced by society. Everybody believes in them, like ‘you have to work hard to achieve something, or ‘you have to be lucky to be successful’. The good thing is that by self improvement and daily affirmations you reprogram your mind.

And if dealing with collective affirmations isn’t hard enough, you’re also full of personal negative affirmations. Those are personal and thus different for everybody, but common examples are: ‘I’m fat, I’m ugly, I don’t deserve this, I’m not good enough’. All these examples immediately evoke negative feelings like sadness or unhappiness.

Other personal affirmations are more subtle, for example: I can’t do this, I don’t have enough time to do this, that’s not for me.

Unfortunately negative affirmations stop you from living your life to its full potential. You’ve learned to believe in them, step by step you became convinced that this is the truth, even if it is not.

A belief is a thought you keep repeating, whether it’s positive or negative, true or false. Your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference, it reacts to your energy. This way you program yourself daily. So think about it, what do you need to do as step in your self improvement program? Stop talking negative to yourself and fill you mind with positive thoughts.

5 Positive Affirmations for your daily self improvement program

  • I release negative feelings and thoughts about myself;
  • I always see the best in others;
  • I believe in who I am;
  • I am on a journey, ever growing and developing;
  • I am consistent in the things that I say and do.

The role of Affirmations in the Gladify self improvement App

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