Self Improvement starts by changing your mindset

The Gladify Self Improvement App is all about changing your mindset. 90% of the people created for them self a “Fixed” Mindset. With Gladify we teach you with simple training how you change your mindset to a Growth Mindset. Success, love and happiness will follow.

Self Improvement when we are getting older

You were born with a strong will to learn. As an infant, you were continuously learning: learning to eat, sleep, walk and talk. You were devoted and determined, you weren’t afraid to try and you weren’t afraid to fail. This strong will comes naturally, because learning is necessary for a baby to survive in the world.

Sadly, this passion for learning often fades over the years. Our determination starts the falter when faced with more difficult challenges. And that’s such a shame! Because your mindset determines your quality of life.

Think about it. Why is it that some people achieve more than others? Even when all seems equal, same skills, same capabilities, same financial situation. And why is that some people always worry about what others think and others couldn’t care less? Why is it for some people impossible to stay fit and healthy, while others integrate sports seamlessly into their lifestyle?

The difference is their mindset.

“Mindset is the convictions we hold over our intelligence, talents and qualities.”

A different mindset gives in different results

When you’d like to get more out of life, you need to be capable to change your mindset whenever it’s convenient. With daily simple self improvement training you learn yourself to control your mindset.

For example when:

  • You’re faced with obstacles and failure
  • Something terrible happens in your life
  • You want to achieve more
  • You’d like to be more courageous
  • You’re seeking a better work-life balance
  • You’d like to stop worrying
  • You’d love to be more carefree and relaxed
  • You’re eager to get more out of yourself

From fixed mindset to growth mindset

You come into the world with a blank slate. You’re eager to learn everything about the world around you and you develop rapidly. We call this is a natural growth mindset. You see adventure everywhere and don’t experience fear. At this stage you haven’t been taught yet to think a certain way, you haven’t been programmed yet by past events that influence your behavior (see Your thinking pattern).

When growing older you’re developing your thinking pattern. Your view of the world is influenced by past negative experiences and your upbringing and you start to see more obstacles and challenges.

Often the natural growth mindset slowly changes into a fixed mindset over the years. You become aware of possible consequences of your actions, which instills fear. You prefer to play it safe and stay within your comfort zone. But that’s a real shame!

There is no need to accept life as it happens. You can nurture your growth mindset so you can move mountains, face your fears and live the life of your dreams!

Self Improvement will help you to get the right mindset

Is their a right and wrong mindset? No not really, but is proven that people with a Growth Mindset are more happy and successful that people with a fixed mindset. In Gladify the right mindset means you have the power create your own positive reality.

It means that:

  • you influence your behavior, your actions and reactions.
  • you influence what you’re going to achieve in life, no matter your situation.
  • you take responsibility for your own results.
  • you always have a choice how to react to events, to past and present events, and also expectations about the future.
  • you make your life much easier and more fun.
  • you keep picking yourself up after failure and try again.
  • you’re in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions, so you can achieve that what you want most.

Are you ready to work on your mindset? Follow the Gladify Method, learn simple daily exercises that will change your mindset (life). With Gladify we tried to make self improvement possible for everybody who want to be happier and successful.

Start now: Gladify number one self improvement App.