Self-improvement almost starts with self-awareness and the ability to transform your habits, lifestyle and toughts. If you still not 100% serious about transforming your life and improving yourself, check these motivational video’s and you will start with self improvement immediately😊. Because YOU decide what your life looks like. What do you want to achieve? What are your goals? Which dreams do you want to fulfill? And how are you going to work on them, step by step, day by day?

Remember: You reap what you sow.

My favorite video that triggerd me to start with daily self-improvement.

Two years ago a friend send me these video’s by whatsapp. I could not imagine that time this video would be the start of my personal development journey. Now I cant wait to share this video with you guys. Watch the full video and see whats happens.

 #1 self-improvement video Denzel Washington

#2 self-improvement video Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Definitely a guy with a story that will motivate you to follow your dreams. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s many reinventions are a forceful reminder that no matter where we come from, who you are, with competences you have. We are ultimately the masters of our own success. IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT.


3# self-improvement video with Will Smith

The reason this video is on my list is because most people let their life ruled by fear and emotions. Because of that fear we froze in chasing our dreams. We rather stay in that comfort zone. But remember this: great things never came from comfort zones


#4 Self improvement video TEDX

I know what a long introduction. But sometimes you need some more background information to understand the massage 😊. You were born with a strong will to learn. As an infant, you were continuously learning: learning to eat, sleep, walk and talk. You were devoted and determined, you weren’t afraid to try and you weren’t afraid to fail. This strong will comes naturally, because learning is necessary for a baby to survive in the world.

Sadly, this passion for learning often fades over the years. Our determination starts the falter when faced with more difficult challenges. And that’s such a shame! Because your mindset determines your quality of life.

Think about it. Why is it that some people achieve more than others? Even when all seems equal, same skills, same capabilities, same financial situation. And why is that some people always worry about what others think and others couldn’t care less? Why is it for some people impossible to stay fit and healthy, while others integrate sports seamlessly into their lifestyle?

Self improvement tip: The difference is their mindset.

“Mindset is the convictions we hold over our intelligence, talents and qualities.”

Mindset is the way you see yourself, more specifically the way you think about your own intelligence and qualities. It’s the sense of self you feel deep inside.

Your opinions and experiences have molded your view of the world and the role you play in it. When confronted with change, do you see opportunities or obstacles? Are you adventurous and do you like to take risks or would you rather stay in your comfort zone?

Your mindset influences your behavior, especially the way you deal with (unexpected) life events, both positive and negative. Your mindset guides your actions when faced with all the challenges life throws at you.

How to motivate yourself to change your behavior | Tali Sharot | TEDxCambridge

The One Little Secret You Should Know before you start with self improvement

Success is all about ACTIONS. Successful people are simply doing things differently. For some people this comes naturally, but for most, it’s a conscious choice of putting in the effort and making sacrifices “self improvement”. This group literally creates its own success. They’re aware that their actions are being steered by their feelings, and that their feelings are being steered by their thoughts. They’re always at the start of the chain reaction, they’re the cause, the action, not the reaction.

Remember this important fact during your journey: You create your own success. With the Gladify self improvement app you can start today with creating yours! Become the best you!